Sergii Kushch

FIAT SERBIA - Experienced researcher

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Sergii Kushch has got Bachelor's Degree in Radio Engineering at the Faculty of Electronic Technologies of Cherkasy Engineering and Technological Institute, Cherkasy, Ukraine in 1998. In 1999 he has got a diploma of radio Engineer. The area of his research was statistical Radio Engineering. Hereinafter he worked in a computer firm which produces and maintains computer technics. Since 2008 up to 2009 he was working as an Engineer of electronics maintenance services and automatization of production in department of Chief Power of “Bogdan” Corporation SC “Car assembly factory №2” of OJSC “Lutsk Automobile Plant”, Cherkasy, Ukraine. In 2009 Sergii Kushch has got Master's Degree in Radio Engineering at the Faculty of Electronic Technologies of Cherkasy State Technological University, Ukraine. The title of his diploma thesis was "Synthesis of statistical pattern recognition algorithms of signals that have been taken against a background of non-Gaussian noise". In 2009 he was invited to PhD school which he finished in 2012. The title of his thesis was "Methods of multivariate realization the components of computer systems". Since 2012 he has been working in Cherkasy State Technological University at the positions of lecturer, Sr. lecturer and Associate professor of Department of Computer Science and Information Security. He published a number of scientific papers in international and national journals and took part in international and national conferences. Currently, he is working in the field of Optimization of methods of information protection to improve the safety of interaction between man and computer systems.