Fahimeh Rezazadegan

POLITECNICO DI TORINO - Early Stage Researcher

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Fahimeh Rezazadegan received her B. Sc. in electronic engineering from the IUT (Isfahan University of Technology), Esfahan, Iran in 2006. Afterwards, she used to work at the IUERC (Isfahan University Engineering Research Center) for six years. She used to be in charge of designing and simulating electronic circuits. She continued her study in control engineering and took her master degree in Islamic Azad University of  Najafabad, Esfahan, Iran in 2013. Her research mainly was about the problem of trajectory tracking control of mobile robots. She focused on design of the adaptive back-stepping controller for an autonomous underwater vehicle, AUV, in the presence of parametric uncertainties. Currently, she is working on the field of human factors in mechatronics and keeping human-robot interaction safe.