Farzad Naghdali

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TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN: Early Stage Researcher

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Farzad started his academic studies in mechanical engineering; after the beginning of the bachelors’ study, he was involved in some robotic and automation projects, related to aviation, and he started his new way in management and organizational issues. He also conducted many experimental researches in fluid mechanics and aerodynamics during 2005 and 2010, such as a conceptual design of vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aircraft. Farzad finally graduated from Azad university of Mashhad in 2010. Then he attended the master of science course in Industrial Production at Politecnico Di Milano between 2010 and 2013. He participated in some risk mitigation projects and workshops: his main research fields were intelligent infrastructures and risk assessment of sustainable and innovative infrastructures. Farzad’s Master Thesis was creating ontology for standard description of physical assets and functions of critical infrastructures. This research was a part of a bigger European Commission’s project called ThreVi2. Concerning his job experiences, the latest ones are “Manager of international affairs, department of Toos Trading Company” and “Chief mechanical engineer of Pishrowtab textile engineering”. 

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