Task Analysis Course 2013

The Task Analysis Course was organized and held in Turin on the 30th of october 2013 by the Trinity College Dublin Research Team (prof. Sam Cromie, prof. Chiara Leva and Nora Balfe, InnHF Experienced researcher).

Task analysis is used to describe and evaluate the human interactions in a system. As such, it forms the basis of human factors risk assessments. The training consisted of an introduction to task analysis concepts and approaches, the methods of conducting a task analysis and the potential uses. It included a practical exercise in conducting a risk assessment on a simple system (Truffle making). Finally, the link from task analysis to risk assessment was explained and illustrated.

The InnHF fellows during the practical exercise: TRUFFLE MAKING! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIlerSiYPOg&feature=em-upload_owner

During the practical exercise..