INNHF final seminar - the 49th ESReDA Seminar on: Innovation through Human Factors in Risk Assessment and Maintenance

The final seminar of INNHF project, related to the dissemination of the outcomings obtained during the last 4 years, was held in Bruxelles on 29th and 30th october 2015. The seminar was organized by the INNHF Coordinator, Politecnico di Torino, in cooperation with the European Safety, Reliability and Data Association (ESREDA).

The seminar focused, amongst others, on the contributions of the researchers involved in the Marie Curie Project InnHF ( in relation to the integration of HOF with the standard procedures and the technical standards for risk assessment. Addressing this problem was carried on through the formalization of theoretical and applied approaches able to integrate the current and to develop advanced assessment methods. The integrating approaches developed by the INNHF researchers comply with the recommendations and requirements expressed by recognized industrial standards and methodologies.

The 49th ESREDA seminar allowed INNHF researchers to share their results within a wider scientific and technical community, to discuss and to compare the outcomings of the proposed approaches, demonstrating how they can be translated into a factual design improvement initiatives for new or existing plants, machinery and critical infrastructures. Seminar’s conclusions provided leverages to achieve competitive and safe performances of complex systems (maximum availability, minimum unscheduled shutdowns of production, economic maintenance, minimum incident and accident, increased resilience and so on).

ESREDA researchers and scientific supervisors:

first row (from left to right): Marko Djapan, ER - Politecnico di Torino; Chiara Leva, scientific supervisor - Trinity College Dublin; Micaela Demichela, INNHF Coordinator - Politecnico di Torino; Costanza Ciarapica Alunni, ESR - Trinity College Dublin; Eva Giagloglou, ESR - University of Kragujevac; Jie Geng, ESR - ARIA s.r.l.; Eleonora Pilone, management staff - Politecnico di Torino

second row (from left to right): Ewan Douglas, ESR - Trinity College Dublin; Pavle Mijovic, ESR - University of Kragujevac; Alberto Petruni, ESR - FCA Srbjia; Christos Tsiafis, ESR - University of Kragujevac; Sergii Kushch, ER - FCA Srbjia; Sameer Al-Dahidi, ESR - Politecnico di Milano; Farzad Naghdali, ESR - Trinity College Dublin; Piero Baraldi, scientific supervisor - Politecnico di Milano; Mehmood Ahmad, ESR - D'Appolonia s.p.a.; Mohsen Shirani, ESR - Politecnico di Torino; Darren McDonnell, ESR - Pfizer Ireland


Alberto Petruni's presentation

Participants of the 49th ESREDA seminar


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