INNHF at Turin researchers' Night!

A little delegation from INNHF team participated in last  Researchers’ Night in Turin, the 26th of September 2014: the INNHF stand obtained a good success, and finally we closed this experience very tired, but happy!

The proposed activities aimed at making directly test by the people, and in particular by the children, the great influence that can have Human Factors, also on simple operations! We brought 3 different projects: an “Allegro meccanico”, inspired by the famous play “Operation”, a Bow-tie example, and a funny chemical experiment.

Each project required people some considerations on the consequences of their action, showing the essential role that human beings play in all the activities, both general and industrial: what if the tool is not right? What if I don’t follow the instructions? What if I choose the wrong barrier?

Finally, two posters ad-hoc about the INNHF project and the INNHF stand were prepared, in order to help people to better understand our work, and the characteristics of an European MCA project.

Below you can find a simple explanation of our projects, and some pictures of that magic night:

1)    The Allegro meccanico showed a car with a broken light, a broken horn and a broken turn signal; the public had several tools to try to fix them, and in case of right choice, the light and the turn signal turned on, and the horn honked.

2)The Little Chemist allowed the public, simply following some instructions, to turn a glass of “water” in “wine”, and then in “milk” and finally “beer”. The incredible transformation was possible only with a careful reading..

3) The Bow tie proposed one of the techniques used for risk analysis: the left side showed the Causes leading to a Main Event, while the right side showed the Consequences. People had to choose a correct set of barriers in order to stop the developing of the event chain. In order to make the Bow-tie usable both for children and adults, 3 different complete sets of Causes, Consequences and Barriers were prepared.