Costanza Ciarapica Alunni

TCD: Early Stage Researcher

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Costanza started her academic studies at Polytechnic of Turin in 2008.  She holds a Bachelor degree in “Energy Engineering” and a Master degree in “Energy and Nuclear Engineering”. During her Master training, she had the opportunity to take part in some classes and workshops about Safety and Risk Assessment in industrial field; from that moment on, she was striving to devote her work to this branch. She carried out her Msc. thesis during an 8-months internship experience in a consultant company dealing with fire protection and risk assessment for major risk assets. She was in charge of the Safety Report for an up-grading of resin production in a real chemical reactor, in compliance with the qualitative and quantitative standard procedures and with the European and Italian regulation (HAZOP, Seveso Directive 96/82/CE, Seveso Directive 2003/05/CE, Dlgs 334/1999, Dlgs 238/2005, FTA, ETA). This allowed her to experience step by step the different safety analyst’s responsibilities and to rise even more her interest about the risk-related topic due to its need to become a culture to be disseminated rather than a simple discipline.

The further content of her thesis focuses on a critical analysis of the standard procedures of risk assessment. In particular, she investigated the reliability of the results regarding the statistical nature of the main input data: failure rate of mechanical components and some events suffering from taxonomy gap (i. e. human failure). She explored the propagation of the uncertainty related to the input data up to the final results by means of Monte Carlo method. She took the opportunity to get in touch with the new topic of Human Reliability and she immediately found out the paramount importance of this subject and she was really impressed by the variety and the multidisciplinary of the aspects involved.

She is always ready to welcome new challenges, as she is so curious and motivated by the idea of providing a tangible contribution to society and of applying engineering knowledge and technical skills to something worthwhile for human everyday life.

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